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Monday, January 2, 2012

Coral Ridge Mall Machine

Today I'll be reviewing a claw machine I found in the Coral Ridge Mall, Coralville, Iowa.
1451 Coral Ridge Avenue Coralville, IA 52241

The interesting thing about this machine was that it was a cylinder with three different sides to choose from.

Do I honestly have to explain why I picked this side?

Two of the sides had claw games the third game in the machine was one of those scissor cutting games.  I never liked those games, but eventually for this I probably will have to try one and branch out from claw machines.  So I had to pick based on what was inside.

Obvious Choice
As the caption says, there was a very obvious choice.  Cleveland Show stuffed animals.  Duh, you could win a Rollo, Cleveland, or that bear.  And no I'm not going to look up how to spell Rollo, not worth it.  There were also a few Stewies thrown in to get the casual fan over to this game.

The game itself was pretty interesting, because it was built in a cylinder the game play was based off that.  Moving the stick towards you would move the claw towards you but moving left and right was trickier because the track it was on fit the cylinder.  It didn't make lining it up much more difficult, just was a new dimension to worry about.  The game itself was only 50 cents per play, which is nice since I have been getting trapped by dollar per play games, and that Cleveland doll was ripe for the picking, sadly I couldn't get him.  The claw was even plenty grippy, I just couldn't find the right balance in my two goes to snag Cleveland Brown.

Claw Grip 6
Stocking Qty 6
Stocking Qlty 8
Price 6
Overall 6

Overall this was one machine worth checking out.  It wasn't a rip off, but it wasn't easy to win either, the nice level of challenge that makes it worth another go, but not a home run machine.

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