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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wehrenberg Prize Game

After checking out the Acme Crane Machine I traveled upstairs to see what other great prizes I would have won.  And since I had wasted a quarter trying to play turned off machine I decided to just play some arcade games with my 75 cents.
Still at the same location
 But the disappointing thing nowadays is that it costs a full dollar to play time crisis, also what fun is time crisis alone.  Not that I was alone or seeing a movie alone, that would be lame.   But I digress.
Space Ship Prizes!
I've always been intrigued by these games, how exactly do you win them.  It's a pretty simple concept, there is an arm with a post at the end that will swing out and hit the prizes which are rotating around in a circle.  So all you have to do is hit one prize on the sweet spot and it will push it to the prize slot.  Should be easy.
Prizes Moving at Warp Speed
So I give it a try with my first quarter, not really caring what I get out of it.  I just want something, so I see a cluster of prizes, but the arm doesn't move.  What's the deal!  I keep hitting the button, but it takes me awhile to figure out that first, this is a game where you have to hold the button, and second this is a game where the arm has a weird delay that you have to add into your timing.

The arm also moves slow, which adds to the trouble of timing this thing.  First quarter was a complete bust.  Second one I think I have figured this out, and I learned a cheat move of you can go about halfway and stop and wait from that position until your prize comes along.  I get my post in position, I push a prize to the hole but can't hit the sweet spot, so now I'm mad.

Third and last quarter time, I really am feeling it, mostly because that Hannah Montana key chain or dog tag that I so desperately need is so close after pushing it to the hole.  I set everything up, think I'm ready to go, and it spins it around the post and holds it in the prize door but then the post moves away and the prize goes back in the circle.

I honestly don't know what to do to win this game anymore, you have it where you think it's dead on and you are pushing the prize to the hole and it just spins itself away when you get to the hole.  Where is the actual prize hole?  So frustrating.  Anyway it was a fun change of pace but I'm sticking to my claw machines.

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