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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Acme Crane Company -Wehrenberg

This review takes place at the Wehrenberg Galaxy 16 Theaters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
5340 Council Street NE Cedar Rapids IA  

This place had lots of claw machines to choose from but this was a rather disappointing outing.  Mostly because the HUGE claw machine was turned off and yet I still put in quarters like a dummy when it wouldn't take my dollar.  There is 50 cents wasted.  So that might be a nice tip, make sure the machine is on.  Anyway there was a wide variety and so I decided to pace myself with games and posts.  Since I do imagine that movies aren't something I'll stop watching anytime soon.

Acme Claw Machine worked for me like Acme products work for Wile E. Coyote
This time I took a ride with the Acme Crane Machine.  This machine had a decent amount of solid stuffed animals inside, nothing SUPER exciting or special, but solid quality animals.  Nothing you would be really disappointed with if you followed the tip to avoid nice things and go for reasonable things.  The interesting thing about this machine though was the claw.

Featuring Timer LED lights
The timer LED lights aside since those don't really affect the game at all, this game came with a rotating panel so you could spin the claw around.  This might help you get into that perfect spot between the arms of some bear, but really it seemed like just an added feature that in the long run won't help you.  This was also one of those annoying games that will yell at you to make sure you know what you are doing.  10 Seconds left! Crap I better hit the button now before I'm good and ready.  Take your time and ignore the yellings of a machine.
Claw Grip 3
Stocking Qty 6
Stocking Qlty 5
Price 6
Overall 5

Overall this wasn't a terrible machine, but I'd avoid it unless there was something really good in the perfect spot there.  The grip just wasn't there to get you a win to impress your lady friend.

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