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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oakmont - Lindale Mall

Today I went to Lindale Mall, similar to most malls they have lots of varieties of claw machines.
 4444 1st Avenue NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

This claw machine is located in the food court of the mall, so you have to contend with lots of teens getting their Sbarro after shopping at Hot Topic.  This distraction aside you will find the Oakmont Claw Machine.

Featuring Angry Birds!

In this machine there was a sign saying that it features Angry Birds.  But there was only one angry bird in the whole machine and it was squished against the wall.  That being said there were some crazy colored, but officially licensed Scooby Doo toys, and a few other random cartoon characters from cartoons I've never actually watched.  So a decent haul if you could get it out of there.  Which is the problem with this one.  Once again the claw was terrible.  You couldn't even move the animals around to free them up.  And this one was again 1 dollar per play.

Claw Grip 1
Stocking Qty 5
Stocking Qlty 8
Price 3
Overall 2

The only redeeming thing about this machine is the great stuff inside it.  One day I saw a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in there, and it was on top.  Optimal position for the grabbing.  I went for it twice but came up empty each time.  With not even a wiggle to show for it, I gave up.  But the promise of getting that stuffed animal upset me to the core.  So really what I'm trying to say is that this machine is even worse than it should be, because it teases you and hurts your soul to lose on something so cool.  Avoid at all costs.

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